A view of Tasmania like no other…

Welcome to Augmented Tasmania.

Discover a view of Tasmania unlike any other. Augmented Tasmania is a realistic map of Tasmania that you can explore using augmented reality.

Head east, north and west on a journey of discovery. Explore Tasmania’s coastline, our rugged and wild mountains and head off to our neighbouring islands, all within a few metres on Hobart’s waterfront.

Whether you’re a visitor or a local, Augmented Tasmania is a chance to enjoy a unique experience using ground-breaking, technology designed in Tasmania.

Augmented Tasmania operates during daylight hours, 7 days a week. Head to Mawson Place on Hobart’s waterfront, look for the Augmented Tasmania sign, and start your exploration there.

Please note that Mawson Place is a shared space. Users should watch for cyclists and vehicles at all times.

Tips for users

To get closer to what you want to see, walk through the map. Don’t use your fingers to expand the image. Augmented Tasmania sits approximately 80cm above the ground.

On sunny days, you may find the app works better by turning your phone brightness up to the highest setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Uist and how do I get it?

A. Uist is the app that you can use to access the Augmented Tasmania experience. Uist can be downloaded from the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play Store for Android. Be sure to leave your location settings ON to receive alerts when you are close to another augmented reality experience. There are many experiences across Tasmania. How many can you find?

Q. Before I start, is there WiFi here?

A. Yes. The area is covered by the Tasmanian Government Free Wi-Fi Network, which provides 30 minutes free access, so look for the TasGov_Free  network in your device settings. The Uist app is quite large though, so if you need to download it to your phone using free WiFi, it could take a few minutes. Another idea might be to grab a drink at a local cafe or bar and come back once you’ve installed the app.

Q. I can’t find Uist in the App Store / Google Play store. What’s going on?

The technology used to run Uist and its experiences is very advanced and dependent on many phones having the systems and technology to support it. Older devices, or those running older operating systems, may not be able to download or run Uist.

Q. OK, I’ve got the app, now what do I do?

A. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will be able to find new augmented reality experiences either by browsing nearby experiences or on a map via the Explore option at the bottom of your screen. Once you’ve decided on the experience you want to see, proceed to that location and open the experience description. As long as you’re close enough, you will see a small coloured eye to the right of the screen which will be blinking. Press the eye to open the experience in your device and position the screen over the compass marking on the ground. The QR code in the centre of the compass should line up with the cross hairs on your screen.

Q. What do I use it for?

A. You can use Augmented Tasmania to map out your journey, relive the good times, share where you’ve been with friends or simply find your home town. We invite you to explore our Wilderness World Heritage Area and wonder about the geological events that carved out such a dramatic and impenetrable landscape. Perhaps you’ll find new experiences that you haven’t done yet, or use it to plan the itinerary for your next Tassie break!

Q. Will it work anywhere?

A. No. You need to be in Mawson Place at the starting point near the sign to experience Augmented Tasmania. Each of the Uist experiences are location based and used to tell different stories about our home. Unless you have one of our postcards, which you can use to share the experiences in miniature with your friends and family, you will need to be near a Uist experience to view it.

Q. How can I show my friends and family?

A. Complimentary Augmented Tasmania postcards are available from accredited visitor information centres. Relive your unique Tasmanian augmented reality experience when you get home or send a slice of Tassie to friends and family. People who receive the postcards will also need to download the Uist app and will be able to view the experience in miniature.

Q. Can I take print screens and share them?

A. Absolutely. Feel free to tag #tassietravel when you do!

Q. I have a tourism product and want to add it to the map. Who can I speak to?

A. Contact the team at the Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre on 6238 4222 or at

Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre

Visit the Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre on the corner of Davey and Elizabeth streets for the most knowledgeable and friendly experts on things to do and places to stay. Get the most out of your Tassie break and let us make accommodation and tour bookings on your behalf with no booking fee.

Augmented Tasmania image credits:

Hobart from Mt Wellington: Tourism Tasmania and Glenn Gibson

Tessellated Pavement, Tessellated Pavement State Reserve: Kathryn Leahy

Suspension Bridge – Cataract Gorge Reserve: Tourism Tasmania and Rob Burnett

Franklin River, Franklin-Gordon Rivers National Park: Tourism Tasmani and Veronica Youd

Par Avion Wilderness Tours – A Day in the Wilderness Tour (South West Wilderness): Alice Hansen


Augmented Tasmania is an augmented reality experience provided by the Hobart City Council (“the Council”).  By agreeing to use Augmented Tasmania, you agree to take all reasonable precautions to ensure your own safety and the safety of those around you.  The Council will not be liable to you in relation to the use of, or otherwise in connection with, the use of Augmented Tasmania noting that this disclaimer will not exclude or limit the Council’s liability caused by the negligence of the Council.

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