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Find out the best things to do and places to see on your next trip to Tasmania. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway, or a circumnavigation of the state with sixty four of your best friends, we've got you covered.

5 things you need to pack for Dark Mofo

5 things you need to pack for Dark Mofo

South-Tasmania Hobart Dark-Mofo Winter Festival Event 132623-2Your tickets

That's right, Dark Mofo is a sellout event and it doesn't stop with just Mofo tickets. If travelling from interstate, you'll want to pre-book your accommodation and car hire too. Mona tix can be bought here, but we can do the rest.

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Tassie Top 10 With The Family

Tassie Top 10 With The Family

Travelling with children in Tasmania is a relatively simple experience with a little planning. So much in Tassie is within a few hours from your last destination, which means that days are spent connecting with one another over wildlife sightings and stunning scenery, rather than wondering if the kids will stop arguing if you strapped them to the roof racks (they won't) or if it's considered responsible parenting to leave them in the nearest Tassie Devil enclosure (it's not). Even on longer drives, there are so many places to get out and stretch those highly energetic little legs whilst you relax and breathe in that sweet, fresh air, or savour a delightful glass of Tassie pinot.

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