@ VDL - Stanley TASMANIA


Welcome to Stanley Tasmania. Walk through the doors and into the living room of the VDL Stanley, where we've broken down the walls of conventional lobby design. Enjoy a warm drink in the evening. Sit by the fire and soak up the atmosphere. Our luxury 2 suite hotel provides a romantic location. At the foot of the Nut - (Volcanic remains of a bygone era) you're only a few minutes away from all that is on offer. So escape, experience, and enjoy. Far from the plethora of ordinary motor inns and a swag of B&B's. Which in the main followed a common, but now outdated blue print for quality accommodation. @ VDL Stanley we have delivered the WOW! factor, delivering the unexpected. Where can you find history in style? Bridging the gap between old and new, Tasmania's famous landmark; The Van Diemen's Land Company Store, has undergone renovations and emerged as the stylish @ VDL Stanley. The 1843 VDL Company Store - is a magnificent blue stone structure, with exquisite details inherent in traditional european architecture. Located on the waters edge. Designed by famed architect John Lee Archer, @ VDL Stanley has combined the charm of this historic building with contemporary accommodation.