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Connect and recharge with a full immersion experience Hugging a Shire Horse. In a world that moves so fast, we often don’t just pause to experience the beauty of connection in our busy lives. Horses are known for their unique healing qualities and the gentle nature of heavy horses accentuates this bonding experience.
Each visitor has a sense of connection with their size, their gentle nature and It never fails to move people to a calmer place.
The inspiration to share these horses blossomed the idea of ‘Hug a Horse’. We are a Shire Stud with mature horses and foals and we include time with them all in a beautiful riverside setting on banks of the Derwent River.
This non-riding experience is an opportunity to get close and spend time interacting in activities with these beautiful horses, sharing the experience to slow down and connect in a real and authentic way.
Each Activity includes lots of horse interaction including grooming, handling and activities in enclosed yard area, a paddock walk to meet the horse family with our stallion, mares and foals and a riverside interlude to enjoy the Derwent river location while enjoying local refreshments and produce. (by arrangement)

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Lyell Highway, Hayes, Tasmania 7140 Australia

Phone 0408 128 325

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