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Tassie Scallop Fiesta at Bridport

On August 04, 2019

At Bridport Village Green Bridport Village Green

Forged on the back of the fishing industry and known as the cradle of Tasmania's salmon and trout farming sector, Bridport, scenic "village by the sea", is just minutes from the State's premier wine district at Pipers Brook. Naturally we celebrate the combination of seafood and wine excellence. A series of eclectic events in the village and on the water pay homage to Bridport's maritime and seafood heritage in association with the premium beverages of the hinterland. Celebrating the arrival of new season's Tassie scallops and the bounty that will ensue.

Contact details

Email Enquiries: tassiescallopfiesta@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 0428 393 792
URL Enquiries: www.facebook.com/TassieScallopFiesta

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